The Tomsk State University Academic D.I. Mendeleev Fund Programme

The Fund goals are providing the temporary grants (projects) for funding fundamental and applied research, focused on solving strategic objectives of TSU development under constant interaction with the TSU Academic Council and TSU Associated Scientific-and-Technological Council (TSU ASTC).

The Fund main objectives are supporting and promoting academic activity of the TSU academic staff, ensuring integration of the research results in the educational process, ensuring interaction of research activity with educational process by wide involvement of the academic staff, students, and Ph.D. students into research activities.

The fund main objectives:

Tomsk State University announces an open international competition for a grant Visiting professor within the framework of the programme Academic D.I. Mendeleev Fund Programme

The provision of the programme The Tomsk State University Academic D.I. Mendeleev Fund Programme

Global Research Networks with the participation of TSU:

Joint research and educational centers with Tomsk universities 

1. Centre for Research into Biota, Climate and Landscapes (BIO-CLIM-LAND)

Research advisor: Sergey N. Kirpotin



2. Centre for Fundamental and Mathematical Physics

Research advisor: Vladislav G. Bagrov



3. Centre for Research in the Field of Semiconductor Materials and Technologies

Research advisor: Evgeny V. Chulkov



4. Centre for High Technologies in Medicine

Research advisor: Yury S. Kistenev



5. International Centre for Research in Human Development

Research advisor: Yulia V. Kovas



6. Centre of Materials and Technologies for Space Exploitation

Research advisor: Grigory E. Dunaevsky



7. Centre for Research in Materials and Technologies

Research advisor: Irina A. Kurzina



8. Centre «Intelligent Technical Systems»

Research advisor: Vladimir I. Syryamkin



9. Research Centre for Theoretical and Applied Regional Studies

Research advisor: Dmitriy N. Shevelyov


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