Scientific School for Young Scientists "New catalysts and catalytic processes"

September 9-10, 2021
TSU glad to invite you to participate in the Scientific School for Young Scientists "New Catalysts and Catalytic Processes for Solving Problems of Environmentally Friendly and Resource-Conserving Energy" to be held on September 9-10, 2021 on the basis of Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia.

The School for Young Scientists is devoted to modern tendencies in the field of fundamental and applied catalysis for solving problems of environmentally friendly and resource-сonserving energy. The School covers the basics of catalyst рreparation and production, mechanisms, kinetics and modeling of chemical reactions, promising catalytic processes and application of catalytic processes. A poster session will be held on the School for Young Scientists. A book of abstracts will be published.

Conference language is English and Russian.

Participation is free.

The event will be held online and offline

Organising Committee:

Chairman: O.V. Vodyankina.
Members: V.A. Svetlichnyi, E. D. Fakhrutdinova, N.V. Dorofeeva, A.S. Savelyeva, M. A. Salaev, V. P. Tuguldurova, O. Yu. Miskevich, O.A. Reutova, M.V. Grabchenko, D.Yu. Savenko, T.A. Bugrova, S. Ten, Yu.A. Belik, A.V. Kotov, E.V. Romanova.

Key dates:
  • Working days — September 9-10, 2021
  • Registration of participants — September 9, 2021
  • Deadline for abstract submission — August 16, 2021
Contacts: Vera Tuguldurovae-mail:; tel: +7 3822 420 780;

Registration deadline: 09/09/2021 02:27:00 pm