International Centre for Research in Human Development


  • Laboratory for Cognitive Investigations and Behavioural Genetics
  • Centre for Programme Evaluation and Knowledge Dissemination in Child Development
  • Centre for Ethics and Science
  • Institute of Law and Ethics (ILE)
  • Ethics Committee for Interdisciplinary Research

Areas of Research

  • Genetic and environmental factors in human development.
  • Child development and personalized approaches to learning.
  • Legal and ethical implications of Genetics, AI and other fast-progressing areas of science.

Mission of the Centre

The mission of the Centre is to generate and implement new knowledge about human development that will lead to improvement in quality of life and well-being of people at all stages of their life.
Our aims are to generate new fundamental knowledge through interdisciplinary research and to implement this knowledge in such areas of human life as education, health, career and professional activity.
We use an interdisciplinary approach, utilising methods of psychology, education, linguistics, genetics, bioinformatics, neuroscience, medicine, law and ethics – to improve our ability to support positive development in different contexts and throughout the life course.


  • to generate knowledge needed for improvement in peoples’ quality of life and well-being;
  • to provide insight into processes of human development from childhood to adulthood;
  • to provide insight into aetiology of cognitive, motivational, emotional and physical aspects of human development;
  • to study cognitive processes that underlie human intellectual functioning in the modern technologically oriented society;
  • to study mutual influences of cognitive and linguistic mechanisms in the process of human development affected by various social factors;
  • to pursue knowledge that has direct relevance for policies, programs and practices of child education as well as continuous education;
  • to contribute to advancing knowledge about the earliest stages of child development;
  • to work on applying this knowledge to shaping policies and interventions that ensure a strong start in life for all children;
  • to promote knowledge dissemination on human development;
  • to consolidate the scientific community working in this very important field.

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Centre for Programme Evaluation and Knowledge Dissemination in Child Development

Olga Y. Bogdanova, Associate Professor, Unit of General and Educational Psychology, Psychology Department TSU


The aims of the Centre are to evaluate and implement research based interventions and programmes for early child development; as well as to disseminate knowledge on early childhood development.
Institute of Law and Ethics (ILE)

ILE brings together Lawyers, Scientists and Policymakers to work on interdisciplinary matters affecting justice.

ILE also provides professional training, consultation, reports and expert opinions in issues related to legal and ethical implications of genetics; decision making in a legal context; and other justice related matters. 

The Institute collaborates with international partners, including in the UK, USA, China and Canada.

Laboratory for Cognitive Investigations and Behavioural Genetics
The main aim of the Laboratory is to study the origins of individual differences in psychological traits that are important for education. Understanding of the complex processes of gene-environment interplay in the course of development will lead to the development of a personalized approach to learning and will help to optimize education.

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