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  1. BiotechMed GenerationS Track
    organizer of 2014–2015 track: Russian Venture Company, partners: Jonson&Jonson, Sibbiopharm, Pharmcontract, and EFKO. Over 380 start-ups from 54 constituent entities of Russia. TSU is the best operator of GenS 2015 Track by the expert opinion of corporate partners and participants.
  2. The regional accelerator school BiFF (Biotech&Functional Food):
    2016: 20 projects of the Siberian Federal District, general partner: Russian Venture Company; 2017: 20 participants in 5 Siberia-the Far East start-ups (partners: FEFU and SAVA)

  3. Dual Technologies Track
    2017: TSU is the main university of the InfraFund operator. Project partners: Voentelecom, Ruselectronics, and Ilyushin Aviation Complex.

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– concentration of services to work with internal and external customers;

– formation of the entrepreneurial environment;

– packaging and acceleration of complex technological projects for the National Technology Initiative markets.

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