“Phoenix” helps to treat bone cancer without reducing bones’ strength


TSU scientists recently tested a device for the treating cancer in the soft tissues and bones – Phoenix-2, developed by the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR) team. It reduces the dose of a chemotherapy drug needed by 50%, while the inhibition of metastasis growth is tripled, and remission is doubled. TSU scientists have demonstrated that when using the Phoenix-2, bone strength is preserved, and therefore there is no threat of fractures.

One of the Phoenix developers is Denis Pakhmurin, associate professor at TUSUR, who collaborates with scientists from the TSU Laboratory of Medical Materials. Such joint projects contribute to the project Big University, in which Tomsk universities and research institutes coordinate their scientific and educational opportunities. Big University will help utilize the entire infrastructure of the Tomsk scientific and educational complex to implement world-class projects.

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