Tomsk Regional Common Use Centre (TRCUC)

The Tomsk Regional Common Use Centre (TRCUC) of Tomsk State University is a complex of 9 well-equipped field-specific TSU centres.

Qualified TRCUC experts undertake a broad array of physical, chemical, and biological tests and experiments on various objects, as well as providing metrological maintenance of the product and commercial business technologies.

TRCUC is a testing centre at the applied research branch of the Centre for Metrological Maintenance and Nanotechnologies and Nanoindustry Products Conformity Assessment in the area of functional nanomaterials and high-purity substances.

TRCUC’s technical competence is Rosstandard accredited as a testing/analytical centre in analytical (System of Analytical Laboratories Accreditation, SAAL) and test laboratories on ISO/IEC 17025-2006 state standard compliance, as well as Nanosertifika System of Nanoindustry Products Voluntary Certification.


Visit the site of TRCUC:  (Rus)