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Innovation management in science and technology

Head of the Department - Mikhail Golovatov; mail:

The department was created to develop the innovation infrastructure of Tomsk State University, aimed at improving the efficiency of commercialization the results of scientific and technical activities.

Innovation management includes the following divisions:

It is engaged in the identification, legal protection, accounting, and production the results of intellectual activity of Tomsk State University (provided for by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the laws of the Russian Federation). As part of the development of projects, the Department conducts patent information research, identifying existing analogs of scientific and technical developments.

It is engaged in the monitoring of scientific and technical projects, the registration of the results of scientific and technical activities, entering them into a single database and assistance in developing a strategy for their commercialization; development of international collaboration with educational institutions, organizations, and foundations of other countries, entering into international networks to promote developments and scientific and technical products.

It works on the full cycle principle. All the project development issues from completing a temporary team for a task, selecting the necessary contractors for a comprehensive solution of the customer’s problem to feasibility studies are solved here.

It conducts activities for the formation of business teams and the implementation of training programs aimed at improving the competencies of both existing business teams and individual entrepreneurs. The business incubator works with well-known Russian and international business consultants and trainers and conducts acceleration programs at the international level.

A separate task of the business incubator is the creation of small innovative companies and their support when entering the Russian and international markets, working with investors and reducing the unsuccessful attempts of small businesses in the early stages of development.

The Council of Industry Partners of TSU

Tomsk State University was the first to put into practice a new form of cooperation of higher educational institutions with enterprises and companies – the Council of Industry Partners. 

The Council consists of TSU’s partners who are representatives of regional and Russian industrial enterprises, including the company PJSC KAMAZ, JSC Transneft - Central Siberia, CJSC EleSy, GC Farmkontrakt, JSCAcademician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems, and others. TSU already prepares personnel for many of them, organizes training courses, solves technological production problems, and acts as a partner in the creation of innovations. Establishment of the Council of Industry Partners will bring the collaboration to a new level.

New innovative technologies, interesting developments, modern, unique equipment, target training and retraining of staff – these are what the University can offer its industrial partners. They in turn can help in the formation of innovation policy and incorporation in the market process.

"We would like the Council to become an authority of influence on university policy, innovation, research, and education. We do not have competence in how to promote and sell our products, but we can gain new knowledge and bring it to the technology with your help" - says Eduard Galazhinsky, Rector of TSU.

Foundation to develop innovations in the university

  • 8 Centers for Excellence
  • 3 research institutes

  • 12 Centers for Multiple Access

  • 49 research centers

  • 34 small innovative enterprises

  • 66 world-class laboratories, where 193 international scientists and international postgraduate and postdoc students conduct their research