March 6, 2017. Workshop «What makes a good scientific writing?»


March 6, 2017. Workshop «What makes a good scientific writing?» by Gabrielle Garon-Carrier, Ph.D, Postdoctoral Fellow at Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK.

The International Centre for Research in Human Development invites TSU undergraduate, MSc and PhD students and lecturers from different academic backgrounds to the workshop «What makes a good scientific writing?»

What makes a good scientific writing?

Writing in sciences can be really difficult, especially for graduated students and young researchers who just started in the scientific world. However, learning how to write a quality scientific paper is a key factor in the scientist path. Doing research is only half of the picture – writing well your research requires as much care and thought as the experiments and the study that are written about. A good scientific author will tell a story, and give consideration to the structure and the fluency of the text. This talk gives few tips about what makes a good scientific writing, and how an author should get started to efficiently communicate their research.

More about Gabrielle Garon-Carrier:

Gabrielle completed her BS.c. (Hons) and her PhD in psychology at Université Laval, Québec, Canada. She is now a postdoctoral fellow supervised by Prof Yulia Kovas at Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK. Her research mainly focuses on the etiology of the variation in, and covariation between number knowledge and math across development; and on the early family and cognitive predictors of children at risk of later math difficulties. Gabrielle also conducts longitudinal and/or cross-cultural investigation on mathematically-relevant cognition andacademic motivation, and on potential teacher effects on achievement and motivation. Working with two longitudinal databases: the Quebec Newborn Twin Studies (QNTS), and the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development, her research integrates longitudinal, cross-cultural and genetically-sensitive designs.

Date: Monday, 6th of March, 2017, 10.35 – 14.00.

Venue: Tomsk State University, International Centre for Research in Human Development, TSU 4th Building (8, MoskovskyTrakt), Room 022.

Contact information: e-mail:; phone +7 (3822) 786 050