Scientists were able to find out how the embryos of dinosaurs evolved


On October 18 and 19, Martin Kundrát, head of the PaleoBioImaging laboratory of the University of Paul Josef Shafarik (Kosice, Slovakia), and an employee of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) will speak at TSU with open lectures. The scientist will present the results of the latest studies, within the framework of which new data on embryology of dinosaurs were obtained and an earlier unknown type of archeopteryx was discovered.

– The eggs of the ancient lizards are an extremely rare find, so in the process of studying them it is important to use gentle methods that will allow you to obtain maximum information without damaging the unique object, – says paleontologist Martin Kundrát. –The research accelerator complex, located in Grenoble, makes it possible to enlighten the object with a powerful beam of radiation and see its microstructure from the inside.

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