Chemists create a domestic technology for vanillin synthesis


Scientists at the Institute Smart Materials and Technologies are developing a technology for the production of vanillin, which will be used as a flavoring in the food and perfume industries, and as a semi-product for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. At present, several countries with a developed chemical industry - the USA, Germany, France, and China - possess the technology of industrial vanillin synthesis.

- The volume of vanillin consumption in the world is 15,000-16,000 tons per year, of which only about 20-40 tons is natural vanillin - about 0.2 percent,- says Vladimir Botvin, the head of the Laboratory of Polymer and Composite Materials at the Institute of Institute Smart Materials and Technologies. - The advantage of synthetic vanillin is its low price. The cost of one kilogram of synthetic vanillin is about 75-100 times less than natural ($10-15 against $1500 per kg).

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