The Center for Excellence "Intellectual Technical Systems" is ready to supply customers with unique competitive technologies


The Center for Excellence "Intellectual Technical Systems" and the Faculty of Innovative Technologies of TSU are ready to supply customers with unique competitive technologies:

1) Digital x-ray microtomograph

2) Remote control system

3) Scout bot


Digital X-Ray Microtomograph is used to study the spatial structure of the materials, crystals, organic and inorganic objects with dimensions up 20 x 20 x 20 mm and a resolution of 1 to 13 microns


  • Distinguishability: 1-13 microns
  • X-ray source: smoothly adjustable from 20 to 160 kV, anode current:  0 – 250 mkA, 10 Watt, focal spot size of <5 microns (≅ 4 watts), air-cooled

  • X-ray detector: 4872 x 3248, size of  single cell 7,4 x 7,4 microns

  • The recovery time of three-dimensional images (1 cm^3): 10 m

  • Analysis of three-dimensional images (1 cm^3): 30 m


  • High-precision positioning system that can ensure the positioning of the object with an accuracy of ± 1 mkm

  • Full automation of the X-ray microtomograph that does not require any user intervention in the process of building a 3D-model of the object

  • Built-in algorithms for the analysis and classification of the internal structure and the defects of the object

  • Built-in algorithms for pre-processing of digital data and undistorted compression in order to save computing resources

The object of intellectual property: 250580, 2476825

Delivery time: 3-6 months

The price is negotiable


Remote control system "DUS" is a robotic platform of the increased cross-country capacity

Performance characteristics

  • dimensions (Length x width x height) - 1000 x 900 x 900

  • velocity of travel - 60 km / h

  • additional equipment capacity - 10 kg

  • capability to overcome water obstacles, which are up to 50 meters in width

  • capability to move along the water surface

  • capability to overcome vertical obstacles, which are up to 50 meters in height

  • capability to overcome stair flights, which are more than 1 m in width

  • capability to climb (up to 50 m in height and not less than 90 degrees)

  • unrestricted capability to overcome loose snow

  • capability to move inside the buildings

  • weight with the installed equipment is 15 kg

  • capability to move on rough terrain


  • Exploration work (mining operations)

  • Control of communications (pipelines, communication facilities for housing and communal services)

  • Conducting engineering, radiation and chemical reconnaissance (enterprises of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation)

  • Rescue of drowning people

  • Search and rescue of victims in open areas and inside the buildings (subdivisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations)

  • Reconnaissance and drawing maps of mined areas by subdivisions of the Ministry of Defense (robot's ground pressure is less than 20 grams per square centimeter)

Delivery time: 3-6 months

The price is negotiable


Robot-researcher is an automatic complex of high patency for remote reconnaissance of territories (radiological, biological, chemical observations).


1.      Dimensions (length х width х height мм.) – 1000 х 500 х 400;

2.      Extra equipment carrying capacity–up to 30 kg.;

3.      Obstacle climbing height up to 20 cm.;

4.      Stairway width more than 0.6 meter.;

5.      Stairway slope angle up to 45 degree;

6.      Ascent angle up to 50 degree;

7.      Snow cover depth – up to 10 cm;

8.      Indoor moving ability;

9.      loaded mass– 57 kg;

10. Cross-country moving ability;

11. Remote control distance– up to 1 km without auto tracker

12. Data exchange– up to 20 km;

13. Digital monitoring and autopilot system;

14. One charge endurance – up to 10 hours.


1. Monitoring of hazardous areas (radiological, biological, chemical observations), conducting engineering reconnaissance of territories.

2. Investigation of closed and inaccessible premises (rubble)

3. Layout of hazardous areas

4. Maintaining a set of anti-terrorist activities

Delivery time: 3-6 months

The price is negotiable

The contact person: Syryamkin Vladimir Ivanovich

Tel. +7 (3822) 529823, +79059908625