Scientists have learned how to protect plants from heavy metal


TSU biologists are studying the properties of plant steroid hormones - brassinosteroids. Researchers have found that phytohormones can prevent the accumulation of heavy metals in plants. Along with this, brassinosteroids have a complex of other unique properties: In particular, they trigger the process of light development in the dark. The scientists are using these data to create new effective and safe biotechnologies.

- Brassinosteroids are hormones that are responsible for the normal functioning of the plant's immune system, especially under adverse conditions: low temperatures, excess of moisture and drought, diseases, pesticides, and others. They are contained in plants in extremely low concentrations, so plants cannot be used as a source to produce them. For this reason, large amounts of brassinosteroids for practical use are obtained synthetically, - says Marina Efimova, associate professor of the Department of Plant Physiology and Biotechnology at TSU’s Biological Institute.

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