TSU has opened a research station on the Vasyugan Swamp


Tomsk State University scientists are expanding their research on the world's largest swamp, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. At the end of 2017, a new stationary base Vasyuganskaya was created under the auspices of the StrAU TSSW: Siberian Institute of the Future. It entered the megaprofile of TSU, a line of research stations connecting the south and north of Western Siberia.

- The Vasyugan Swamp is a unique object that performs an important biosphere function - it regulates global climate processes - says Sergei Vorobyov, a researcher at TSU’s Laboratory of Biogeochemical and Remote Sensing Methods for Environmental Monitoring. No other water body, exception the seas and oceans, has such a significant influence on the climate of our planet, so it is important to understand how this ecosystem functions.

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