TSU radiophysicist will increase the efficiency of solar cells


Dmitry Gorn, PhD, a senior researcher at the Faculty of Radiophysics, is working to improve the efficiency of converting solar energy into electrical energy. He is creating a photoconverter based on CdHgTe (cadmium-mercury-tellurium), which will increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of solar cells.

- The main component of solar cells is the photoconverter. The classic solar cell transforms the radiation of a predominantly visible range into electric current. The quality of the element is evaluated by the coefficient of efficiency: it shows how much of the energy of the sun’s radiation that has fallen on the element, has been transformed into electric energy. The achieved efficiency values (on the order of 45%) are far from the theoretical limits (about 60%). This makes it necessary to increase the area of the batteries and expedient to use them in regions with intense solar radiation, - notes Dmitry Gorn.

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