Ichthyologists have made a new classification of the grayling


Ichthyologists from Russia and the Czech Republic have conducted a large-scale study devoted to the grayling ichthyofauna of the world. The result of seven years’ work was a new approach to identifying the species--by the dorsal fin--and to the atlas that, in addition to the classifier, contains information on the genetic characteristics of the fish. The data they obtained are important for the correct taxonomy of graylings, as well as for the training of future ichthyologists and industrialists engaged in breeding this popular species of fish in the salmonid fishes.

Vladimir Romanov, head of the Department of Ichthyology and Hydrobiology of TSU’s Biological Institute, one of the most experienced scientists with this group of fishes in Russia, and a scientist at the department, Yury Dyldin, participated from the Russian side; from the Czech Republic were Lubomír Hanel, one of the most well-known ichthyologists of Europe, a professor at Charles University, taxonomist, and expert from the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Czech Republic and Jan Plesnik, a zoologist.

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