TSU creates a device to stimulate strikes and feels in online games


TSU radiophysicists are creating a device for stimulating phantom touch, strikes, and other sensations. By 2020, they will develop software and hardware that can act on human skin with electrical impulses. In online games, it will create a feeling of interaction between the player and various objects and characters.

The device will be developed by student Andrei Kostornoy under the guidance of Sergei Pobachenko, assistant professor at the Faculty of Radiophysics. The complex can be used to develop VR-technologies on simulators of various control systems with multitouch systems of information display, in 5D-cinemas, and in online games, for example, Elite Dangerous, Eve Valkyrie, Surgeon Simulator VR, and others.

Phantom sensations are false sensations, an illusion of the presence of a lost part of the body. A number of significant results on creating this electro-tactile stimulation were obtained in the work of the SPhTI TSU staff, including the project’s scientific supervisor.

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