TSU and the Hermitage are digitizing the Valley of the Kings


TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky and Mikhail Piotrovsky, General Director of the State Hermitage Museum, have signed an agreement on collaboration. The organizations are planning joint archaeological research using computer technologies. They have already been implementing projects to digitize cultural heritage sites.

The Southern-Siberian Archaeological Expedition of the State Hermitage under the leadership of Konstantin Chugunov and the TSU Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Archeological Studies “Artifact” under the direction of Olga Zaitseva have been conducting joint research in the Republic of Tuva for two years. During this time, aerial photography work was carried out of Scythian burial grounds in the Turan-Uyuk Basin, known as the Valley of the Kings. Scientists have shot an area of more than 20 sq. kilometers.

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