Ambassador from Portugal proposed TSU to develop aeroschup MARINE


Representatives of the TSU Biological Institute Danil Vorobyov and Andrey Trifonov meet in Moscow with Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro, the Ambassador of Portugal in Russia, and João Carlos Mendonça, the Attache for Scientific and Educational Relations. The parties agreed on collaboration in marine ecology. The first joint project of scientists from Russia and Portugal could be the creation of an automated complex for diagnosing bottom sediments of offshore shelf areas.

The head of the Embassy of Portugal in Russia got acquainted with the developments of the TSU Biological Institute in October during the visit of EU ambassadors to Tomsk. At that time, the technology of cleaning water bodies from oil pollution and aeroschup, a device for express-diagnostics of bottom sediments, caused the greatest interest. After the meeting at TSU, biologists received an invitation to the Embassy of Portugal in Russia for a substantive discussion of collaboration with Portuguese universities.

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