TSU and the MINES ParisTech will study the fluctuation of glaciers


Researchers at TSU’s Faculty of Geology and Geography and MINES ParisTech, a member of ParisTech, a consortium of leading engineering universities in France, have agreed to conduct joint research at the interface of IT, geology, and geography. The subject of study will be the fluctuation of glaciers - the buildup of ice, snow, and firn mass and their loss. Data on the cyclical nature of these changes will help to predict the process of the melting of glaciers, which is not only an indicator of climate change, but also a starting point for new natural disasters.

- MINES ParisTech is a member of the Paris Institute of Science and Technology (ParisTech), which unites 12 higher engineering and commercial schools in Paris and its suburbs,- says Artyom Rykun, TSU Vice-Rector for International Affairs. - The Mining School is engaged in preparing the elite among engineers for industry, especially in energy and mining. Collaboration with MINES ParisTech is of great interest to us because we and our French colleagues are developing areas where very good projects can appear at the junction of IT, big data, geology, and mathematical modeling.

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