TSU confirmed the effectiveness of a protein that blocks tumor growth


Scientists at TSU and the Tomsk Research Center and colleagues from Heidelberg University and the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre are developing a new way to fight cancer. As a part of the Alpha-Chit project, they investigated the properties of a chitinase-like protein that can be an effective tool for the treatment of cancer. Preclinical trials have shown that the protein blocks signals that attract cells to the problem area and contribute to the growth and metastasis of the tumor.

- The microenvironment plays a decisive role in the development of a malignant tumor,- explains Julia Kzhyshkovska, head of the TSU Laboratory of Translational Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine, Professor at Heidelberg University (Germany). -Under its pressure, the properties of macrophages change — the cells of the immune system that must protect us go over to the side of the malignant neoplasm and start working against the person — they emit tumor growth factors and help it metastasize. We decided to try to block these processes with the help of chitinase-like protein, which we managed to discover earlier.

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