Scientists are creating a Siberian digital platform


The TSU Siberian Institute of the Future (StrAU TSSW) has begun to create an information platform that accumulates data on the resources of Siberia as a macroregion. The first three blocks are scheduled for implementation in 2019: climate change and forecast models, a digital herbarium, and literary heritage. In the future, the platform can be used for study and work, for example, to carry out research projects.

- The digital model of Siberia will consist of big data blocks that will be placed at the TSU supercomputer SKIF-Cyberia. One of the platform sections is associated with the transformation of the environment of the Siberian Federal Okrug, - says Ludmila Borilo, director of the TSSW. - The international network of SecNet stations, created by TSU for the study of Siberia, annually gives us a large amount of information that can be useful not only to researchers but also to many other specialists. For example, data on ground movements due to permafrost thawing are important for construction companies in the Arctic.

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