TSU has opened a VR laboratory for education, science, and business


TSU has opened the first Russian laboratory to develop IT solutions that will use virtual and augmented reality for teaching, conducting research, and creating new breakthrough technologies that increase production efficiency, at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

- The laboratory, created with TSU’s partner the IT company Rubius, is the central segment of the large-scale digital project Virtual University 4.0, - says Alexander Zamyatin, director of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. - Over the past year, the University has set up the laboratory with advanced equipment that enables us to develop and test new digital products and technologies. One of the key activities is creating an open platform and developing libraries of virtual tools for assembling educational courses. With such a VR-designer, teachers who don’t have special training in IT will be able to design high-tech educational services and applications according to their own scenario.

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