TSU scientists found that a lake disappeared in the Arctic zone


Scientists at the TSU Laboratory of Biogeochemical and Remote Monitoring of the Environment are examining the highly productive ecosystems of the Arctic and Subarctic. The main objects of study are the lakes, swamps, and drained lakes (hasyray - the depressions of the former lakes, which were deserted due to the melting of the permafrost and thermal erosion of the shores). Recently, scientists discovered a lake in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug that disappeared in less than a month - it made its way into the thawed soil and flowed into Taz Bay.

Laboratory Bio-Geo-Clim was created and equipped with the funds of a megagrant allocated by the Russian government. Its leader is Oleg Pokrovsky, a scientist at TSU and the Observatory Midi-Pyrénées of CNRS (Toulouse, France).

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