Scientists will test titanium nickelide under extreme conditions


Staff at SPhTI TSU, with the support of the Russian Science Foundation, are researching the limits of the functional capabilities of titanium nickelide, the most popular material with shape memory. The scientists are analyzing the behavior of the alloy under high temperature and increased load, and also creating new heat treatment regimes to improve its functional properties. The results will help to find additional applications for titanium nickelide in the manufacture of devices for spacecraft, in aircraft manufacturing and the automotive industry, and in many other areas.

- Modern industry is constantly evolving, so engineers and researchers are faced with more and more complex technical tasks, -says Ekaterina Timofeeva, project leader, researcher at the Laboratory of Physics of High-Strength Crystals SPhTI TSU. - Titanium nickelide is the most popular material with shape memory, but despite its wide practical application, the potential of this material has not been exhausted yet.

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