Why are scientists interested in the evolution of a single plant?


Valeria Shiposha, a junior researcher at the Herbarium Laboratory at the TSU Biological Institute, was the only Russian scientist to take part in the 4th International Brachypodium Conference in Spain. The conference was devoted to the study of the cereal Brachypodium (also known as false brome grass). This model plant has not been cultivated and therefore can throw light on the evolution of all cereals. In the global aspect, these data will help solve the problem of the shortage of food resources on the planet.

Valeria Shiposha studies this plant under the collaboration between TSU and the Polytechnic School of Huesca at the University of Zaragoza (Spain). Her dissertation, devoted to the study of Brachypodium, is being carried out under dual guidance: on the Russian side she is supervised by TSU professor Marina Olonova, and from the Spanish side she is supervised by Professor Pilar Catalan.

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