Aktru Summer School gathered students and scientists from 8 countries


The 6th International Summer Scientific Education School has begun at the alpine research station Aktru TSU, in the Altai Mountains. The participants are Russian and international students and young scientists. From July 10 to 19, they will explore the unique natural territory of Gorny Altai, the way of life, and the ways the population might adapt to a rapidly changing climate.

The school’s bus route runs along the Chuyisky Trakt, which is included in the list of the ten most beautiful roads in the world by National Geographic. Students and scientists will see a wide range of landscapes: from mixed greenwood and hardwood forests in the foothills and humid lowlands to arid steppes and semi-deserts in the Kurai intermountain area. Then the group will transfer to all-wheel drive former military vehicles and ascend through the mountain coniferous forests to the station Aktru, located at the upper boundary of the forest about 2,200 meters above sea level. Alpine meadows, alpine tundra, and glaciers are in walking distance from the station. There are not so many places on earth where such a diverse environment is available for viewing.

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