TSU receives a patent for a frostbite treatment device


TSU radiophysicists have improved their method of treating frostbitten limbs using weak microwave radiation and improved their setup, and have received a new patent for it. The scientists have made microwave radiation more uniform so that the overchilled limb warms up evenly. They also suggested that simultaneously with microwave heating, the upper layer of the skin be forced to cool, so that the deep vessels are revealed first and only then the superficial ones. This technique helps avoid amputation.

The method and device for treating frostbitten limbs are being developed by a team of scientists led by Professor Grigory Dunaevsky at the Department of Radio Electronics of the Faculty of Radiophysics and the Laboratory of Electronics at the Siberian Institute of Physics and Technology. The supervising doctor is Professor Evgeny Gavrilin, Doctor of Medical Science. At the moment, this is the only device in the world designed to treat deep frostbite.

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