TSU engineers create drones based on digital twins


The TSU Supercomputer Center staff has developed a method for the automated design of drones, based on mathematical modeling using the computing power of the SKIF Cyberia supercomputer. The new approach includes the creation of a digital twin and its prototyping - the production of a functioning UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) model. This method can be used to construct aircraft models and to optimize the performance of existing aircraft.

- The new approach solves the problem of developing the aerodynamic profile of the UAV and choosing its optimal design, - says Kirill Kostyushin, project executive. - To solve engineering problems, a cloud system was created associated with the TSU supercomputer. The user uploads the required technical characteristics to the cloud system, such as maximum lift, wingspan, flight time and distance, speed, and others. Based on these parameters, calculations are made and 3D models and a digital prototype of the aircraft are created. The best option is selected by testing UAV models in a virtual wind tunnel.

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