TSU students received a grant to create a SMART-cap for gas tanks


TSU radiophysicists are working to create a SMART-cap for gas tanks of cars, which will inform owners of an attempt to steal fuel. The prototype of the device is now ready, and by the end of 2021, the team will present the final product, ready to enter the market.

Three students of the Faculty of Radiophysics are working on the project: Ivan Protopopov, Alexander Kiselev, and Alexey Bersenev. They received 500,000 rubles to implement their idea.

- A motion sensor and an audio speaker will be built into the gas tank cap. You can add LEDs, and if an unauthorized opening is made, the tank cap will emit a light-sound signal to scare the attacker away, and an SMS message will be sent to the owner. To disable the siren, you will need to send a reverse SMS. It puts out quite an alarm, - said Alexander Kiselev.

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