Expert: panic over coronavirus in China for Russia is premature


The new 2019-nCoV coronavirus detected in China has caused a wave of information hype around the world. In China, it has infected about 3,000 people and fatal outcomes are recorded. Experts believe that bats are a natural reservoir of the pathogen. Maria Orlova, a staff member of the Laboratory of Biodiversity Monitoring at the TSU Biological Institute, is one of the few Russian scientists who is involved in the study of bat-transmitted infections. She explained why the emergence of new viruses is natural and why Russians should not panic because of what is happening in China.

- For the parasitologist, the virus is, in many ways, a parasite that is subject to the patterns described for helminths and protozoa,- explains Maria Orlova. - In particular, this is a direct dependence of the number and diversity of parasites on the number and density of their hosts. Considering how many people live in Asia (4.5 billion people) and specifically in China (almost 1.5 billion), it becomes obvious that this region, especially its tropical part, is doomed to be an enduring focus of a wide variety of infections.

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