Over 50 years, the temperature in north Siberia has increased by 4°


Experts from the international SecNet network, created under the auspices of TSU to study environmental transformation, note that the most dramatic changes in climate and ecosystems over the past half-century have occurred in the Eurasian Arctic and Siberia. In this regard, it is necessary to quickly develop adaptation mechanisms to warming, otherwise humanity will face serious socioeconomic upheavals, including famine. The research results are published in the highly rated journal Ambio (Q1) by the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The authors of the article were 16 scientists from leading research centers in Russia, Norway, the UK, Finland, and other countries in the SecNet network. In the joint work, they presented the results collected during research at several dozen stations in Siberia and the Arctic, including at the most remote bases, such as the Willem Barents Biological Station.

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