Articles by TSU scientists are among the world citation leaders


By the Day of Russian Science, specialists at the TSU Research Library Bibliographic Information Center prepared a list of highly cited and quickly quoted (most popular) articles by authors from Tomsk State University for 2019.

On February 1, 2020, 1905 works published by TSU scientists in 2019 appeared in the citation database of the Web of Science Core Collection. Already, these works have been cited 1,425 times, which is a good indicator for recent publications.

The list of the most popular and highly cited works includes articles by TSU scientists in physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, ecology, and earth sciences. The leaders in world citation are articles by Georgy Shelkov, researcher at the Center for Research and Development Advanced Technologies in Microelectronics, and Alexander Vanyashin and Alexander Khodinov, researchers at the Laboratory of High Energy Physics Data Analysis, as part of the ATLAS (Large Hadron Collider) international collaboration; and Mikhail Sheremet, head of the Research Laboratory for Modeling the Processes of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer.

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