TSU psychologists will study the level of genetic literacy


An interdisciplinary team of researchers from Tomsk State University and their colleagues from Russia, Great Britain, and Spain have launched a study of genetic literacy and opinions in the context of law and ethics. It will show which legal, ethical, and moral issues will become the main ones in the “genomic era” and how to resolve them, said Daria Matsepuro, a senior researcher at the TSU Laboratory for Cognitive Research and Psychogenetics, manager of the International Center for Research in Human Development.

- Previously, physics was the gold standard for the development of scientific knowledge; in the 20th century it was replaced by biology, then at the beginning of the 21st century, when the human genome was completely sequenced, it became genetics. But the availability of genetic information can lead to legal, ethical, and moral problems that society must solve, - said Daria Matsepuro. - We initiated a study to identify deficiencies in genetic knowledge and to find out how people think about the use of the results of genomic research, their fears and hopes regarding the rapid development and application of the achievements of genetic science.

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