TSU scientists: permafrost in the Arctic melted 30% faster in 2020


The TSU Laboratory of Physics of High-Strength Crystals was the first in the world to obtain an alloy structure that gives them a special ability to deform and restore the original shape by up to 15%. The researchers were able to achieve the maximum values ​​that scientific teams specializing in the development of shape memory alloys are striving for. Materials with a gigantic reversible deformation value are intended for the space industry, robotics, and microsystem technologies.

- Unlike conventional alloys, high-entropy alloys consist of five or more elements taken in equiatomic or equimolar concentrations. This arrangement helps to obtain materials with special functional characteristics, - says Yury Chumlyakov, head of the laboratory. - In the new research project, the laboratory staff worked with Fe-28% Ni-17% Co-11.5% Al-2.5X alloys (X = Ti, Nb, Ta, Ti + Nb). By adding nanoparticles, it was possible to obtain a reversible deformation of up to 13.5%. The maximum calculated deformation resource, to which materials scientists all over the world strive, is 8.7%. TSU physicists are the first to obtain a result that is twice the theoretical resource and to describe the mechanism of this process.

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