TSU has developed a simulator for people in extreme professions


TSU has received a patent for a device designed to train and test the accuracy of movements for pilots, cosmonauts, and members of other extreme professions. The device was created by scientists at the TSU Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Physical Education. Also, according to preliminary evaluation by doctors, it can be used for the rehabilitation of patients with movement disorders, for example, for survivors of a stroke or those suffering from Parkinson's disease.

- TSU Laboratory for Cognitive Research in Space Exploration developed the device. It is intended for people whose work is accompanied by psychological and physical stress and for whom the accuracy of movements is critically important, - explains Leonid Kapilevich, Head of the Department of Sports and Health Tourism, Sports Physiology and Medicine. - Scientists from the US and the Research Institute of Medical and Biological Problems (Moscow) took part in the studies organized by TSU to create the device. We also consulted with the specialists of the Cosmonaut Training Center. They spoke about the difficulties the crew had to face during their work on the International Space Station and in outer space.

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