Scientists have developed elastic porous materials for implants


SPhTI TSU materials scientists have patented a method for obtaining a material for implants, that, under load, behave in the same way as living tissues of the body. The nature-like material is created based on  durable titanium nickelide, and with titanium powder additives, the scientists achieved elastic behavior and shape memory effect. The properties of the new material are comparable to how the bone tissues of the human body behave under physiological stress.

The task of TSU scientists was to obtain a material for implants that would be biocompatible, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and durable. But at the same time it must be similar to the living bone tissues of the body. This material was obtained by adding Ti powder to a porous powder alloy based on titanium nickelide. The additives made it possible to regulate the porosity coefficient and at the same time achieve elastic behavior and shape memory effect.

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