TSU entered the largest international project for study of the Arctic


Tomsk State University is now working with a new large-scale international project, Pan-Arctic Observation System: Observation for Society Needs (Arctic PASSION), a collaboration of 36 scientific organizations and programs that research the northern territories and the Arctic. Its goal is to obtain comprehensive results in interdisciplinary environmental studies that are important for ensuring sustainable development of the Arctic and adaptation of communities to changing conditions in a global context. The amount of financing is 15 million euros.

- Arctic PASSION includes 18 Arctic and non-Arctic countries - Norway, Sweden, Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, China, and others, - says Lyudmila Borilo, director of the TSU StrAU Trans-Siberian Scientific Way. - Russia is represented by TSU and Shirshov's Institute of Oceanology RAS. Our participation in such a large-scale project became possible primarily due to the scientific potential and the presence of extensive research infrastructure of the SecNet network, created in 2016 under the auspices of TSU.

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