New coating will protect electronics at extreme temperatures


TSU researchers from the Laboratory of Chemical Technologies and the staff of the Institute of High Current Electronics SB RAS have created a new protective coating that is resistant to temperature extremes and has high chemical resistance to many solvents. It can be used to protect against premature corrosion of electrical printed circuit boards and electronic components operating in high humidity and extremely low temperatures. In particular, the new coating can improve the reliability of equipment used in the Arctic.

- Nowadays, various paints and varnishes based on epoxy resins, polyurethanes, or polyacrylates are often used as protective coatings,- explains Daniil Zuza, one of the project executors, a staff member of the TSU Laboratory of Chemical Technologies. - They are applied by aerosol spray, by brush, or by dipping the printed circuit board into the solution. These methods of application have significant drawbacks, for example, it is often difficult to apply coatings to hard-to-reach places, which leads to defects that can lead to failure of the entire board.

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