TSU scientists analyze the impact of global warming on Altai glaciers


Scientists from the Faculty of Geology and Geography have found that due to global warming, the Left Aktru glacier in Altai lost more than 107 sm of its height in 2020. The rise in temperatures in 2020 was , which became one of the record ones in the 60+-year history of the TSU field station in the Aktru mountain-glacial basin.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, from 2011 to 2020 was the warmest decade in the history of meteorological observations, which have been regularly conducted since 1891. Compared to the pre-industrial period, the air temperature in 2020 has already increased by 1.2 ° C.

The data obtained by TSU scientists from the field station in the Aktru mountain-glacial basin confirm this trend. During glaciological work in May-September 2020, a rack field of 16 ablation laths was deployed on the Levy Aktru glacier in all main morphological zones. TSU glaciologists have measured the thickness of snow at more than 200 points at the altitude of 2,650–3,600 meters above sea level. Eight deep pits were laid to measure the density of the snow cover and study the stratigraphy of the snow cover.

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