TSU expert on coronavirus and innate immunity programming


The issue of public health is more acute than ever. Any disease is based on improper functioning of the immune system. The TSU Laboratory of Translational Cellular and Molecular Biomedicine is studying the connection between immune system disruptions and the development of cardio- and oncopathologies. The laboratory’s leader is a visiting scientist, head of the Department of Innate Immunity and Immunological Tolerance at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), Julia Kzhyshkovska.

- Julia Georgievna, you are not only a specialist in immunology, but you are also a virologist. What research do you think is needed in connection with the pandemic that the whole world is now fighting?

- Indeed, a pandemic is a challenge for everyone, and we have no right to stand aside. I would like to first touch on three health problems that weaken humanity.

First of all, attention should be paid to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Now the metabolism of all people is in great danger due to improper nutrition, wrong both in composition, quantity, and distribution throughout the day. People don't live in a healthy biorhythm. Many parameters are violated that affect metabolism, which, in turn, determines the functioning of the hormonal system, immune system, and nervous system. The immune system suffers at an early stage when it is not yet clear what disease will develop. People think that they are simply overweight, in fact, they have already formed a wrong program in immunity. It is hidden at the level of postgenomic programming called epigenetics.

This program can be hidden both in mature immune cells of tissues and in their precursors, up to the bone marrow. Our task is to figure out what degree of improper metabolism there is and how quickly it is remembered by the immune system, how long the pathological program is stored, and by what methods we can change this memory, this wrong program.

That is, the primary factor that leads to program errors is metabolism. The second factor is stress. It is of two types. One is healthy, which our ancestors experienced. The man went hunting, killed the mammoth, and rested for two days after that. As the adrenaline rises, healthy stress killed all tumor cells in his body and diffused energy. But if a person is in constant stress, not reaching the threshold level and without the onset of relaxation, then the immune system does not know what is good and what is bad and deviates from normal functioning. At some point, this deep chronic illness is fixed at the level of epigenetic programming.


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