Scientists have published data on Siberian greenhouse gas emissions


The journal Nature Communications has published research by scientists from TSU (Russia), Umeå University (Sweden), and Midi-Pyrenees Observatory (France). For the first time, the article provides a comprehensive assessment of carbon emissions from the surface of rivers and lakes in Siberia - one of the least studied, but largest, northern ecosystems in the world, experiencing rapid permafrost thawing. The total transport of dissolved organic carbon by all Siberian rivers to the Arctic Ocean was also analyzed, and it was found that nine times less carbon enters there than the water bodies of Siberia emit.

- From 2016 to 2018, we collected data on representative lakes and rivers of Siberia for a distance of more than 2,000 km, including along the main channel of the largest waterway in the Arctic - the Ob River, - says Sergei Vorobyov, one of the authors of the article. - The results showed that the contribution of Siberia to the supply of carbon to the Arctic Ocean and the atmosphere was greatly underestimated, and thus the influence of the macroregion on the formation of the climate on the planet.

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