TSU chemist is developing a material for treating complex burns


Olesya Laput, a young scientist at the TSU Faculty of Chemistry, is creating a material that will accelerate the regeneration of damaged skin. The main tool for achieving this goal is treatment with low-temperature plasma flows that modify the surface of the implant. In the research, she will study the degree of biocompatibility of new materials and human cells.

- The world is now actively working on new approaches and materials that contribute to the accelerated regeneration of extensive skin lesions, in particular, burns, says Olesya Laput, who is a staff member at the TSU Laboratory of Chemical Technologies. - During the project, scaffolds will be made from polylactide, a biodegradable material. This 150 to 300 micron-thick nonwoven fabric will act as a temporary scaffold to cover the damaged area and promote skin regeneration. Having completed its task, the polylactide-based material will be destroyed and naturally excreted from the body.

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