TSU scientists are synthesizing a unique refractory material


TSU Faculty of Physics and Technology scientists are synthesizing a high-entropy alloy of the Hf-C-N-Me-B system that is unique in composition. Their study will gain fundamental knowledge about the properties of such compounds, including at ultra-high temperatures above 4,200 °C. This temperature resistance is one of the key requirements for materials used in aerospace.

The demand for durable materials with ultra-high melting points is growing with the development of technology. Therefore, more and more attention is paid to highly entropic alloys with their unique physical and mechanical properties. Multicomponent alloying is now widely used in world industry, in the production of materials for operation in extreme conditions, This makes it possible to expand the fields of application of modern metallic materials, but in such alloys, it is important to choose the right elements to form a structure with the required characteristics.

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