There are more shark and ray species in the cold seas of Russia


TSU Biological Institute and Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences scientists have compiled a complete annotated list of marine, brackish, and freshwater ichthyofauna of Sakhalin Island and the adjacent southern part of the Sea of Okhotsk. A large-scale analysis was carried out based on long-term research and critical analysis of literature over the past 200 years. One of the most interesting factors noted by ichthyologists is that more than 40 species of sharks and rays have been recorded in the waters of Sakhalin and adjacent waters, while the number of migrants from tropical and subtropical seas is growing. The research data was published in 2021 in the article “Annotated List of Ichthyofauna of Inland and Coastal Waters of Sakhalin Island” in the Journal of Ichthyology (Q2 Scopus).

The list compiled by scientists includes 600 species in 4 classes, 44 orders, 17 suborders, 129 families, 50 subfamilies, and 312 genera. It contains both English and Latin (scientific) names of species and information about their ranges in the Pacific Ocean and distribution in the waters of Sakhalin. The list also includes data on their conservation status, commercial value, and abundance. Modern ranges and taxonomic status are indicated for all species. According to the findings of the researchers, thermophilic species of sharks and rays, which are characterized by a completely different habitat, are increasingly appearing in the waters of the Far East.

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