TSU laboratory will study how diabetes occurs


Tomsk State University has opened the Laboratory of Cell Technology, equipped with the most modern technologies for growing human and animal tissue, blood cells, and stem cells. Researching cell cultures gives scientists the opportunity to obtain new fundamental data on the causes of severe chronic diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus or age-related cognitive impairment. The results of breakthrough research will be used to create new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

- The use of cell cultures makes it possible to more deeply study cells and obtain data that cannot be obtained by studying cells in whole organisms, - says Leonid Kapilevich, head of the Department of Sports and Health Tourism, Sports Physiology, and Medicine at the TSU Faculty of Physical Culture. - Now we can see how a particular protein or enzyme functions within a cell. Moreover, having received the necessary information, we will be able to control these processes - disable or enable enzymes and different types of ion channels. In studies on the whole organism, this cannot be done.

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