Scientists will find out how the Great Vasyugan Mire cools the Earth


Scientists from Tomsk State University, in a joint expedition with the staff of the Vasyuganskiy preserve and with the support of the Tomsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society, carried out sampling at the Great Vasyugan Mire. The study of samples of snow and water, and measurements of greenhouse gas emissions in small lakes, will help scientists to assess the functionality of the swamp. The researchers intend to find out whether the largest swamp in the world continues to cool the Earth's atmosphere or global warming has disrupted the work of a natural refrigerator.

- The swamps of Western Siberia play a colossal climate-regulating role, - says Sergey Vorobyov, a member of the expedition. - Most experts adhere to the hypothesis, and we agree with it, that the swamps located in the south of Western Siberia cool the atmosphere. This is because swamps absorb carbon - the main constituent of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere - and retain it.

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