TSU scientists made a film about disappearing lakes in the permafrost


The staff of the TSU Bio-Geo-Clim Laboratory is studying khasyrey - drained thermokarst lakes formed by the thawing of permafrost. This natural phenomenon is widespread in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. Filming done during an expedition to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug formed the basis of the film, in which researchers tell how khasyrey were born and die and whether the melting of permafrost always has negative consequences for nature.

Permafrost attracts the attention of scientists all over the world because the state of soils in the Arctic and subarctic has recently been changing rapidly. The main reason for this is the global transformation of the climate and an increase in the average temperature on the planet, and moreover, the polar regions are heating the most. Melting of permafrost often has negative consequences: infrastructure suffers (buildings and roads) and the integrity of pipelines is disrupted.

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