Students will work with big data in the new TSU IT center


TSU Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and TSU Center for Applied Big Data Analysis have opened a Center for Collective Data Processing and Support for DevOps Infrastructure. The network structure will be a platform for solving fundamental problems of creating new algorithms for processing large amounts of information and practical approaches to using these results. 

- The data center will enable using high-performance computing servers for teaching and conducting scientific research for students, graduate students, and staff of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (IAMCS), - says Alexander Zamyatin, director of the IAMCS. - First of all, it may be interesting for undergraduate students in Artificial Intelligence and Software Development and master's students in Big Data Intelligence.

The new center gives TSU students and graduate students access to real data sets that they will use to solve problems during the preparation of their graduation and course projects. As Vyacheslav Goiko, the director of the TSU Center for Applied Big Data Analysis notes, no relevant research is done now without analyzing big data, and with its use, students' work will reach a qualitatively new level - they will not just be educational projects, but also really solve the problems of society.

For example, projects will be aimed at assessing the educational potential of a student using digital footprints; applying machine learning methods to predict the psychological characteristics of a person; and other tasks of analyzing big data in social media.

- For students studying in DevOps Engineering at the Administration of IT Development Infrastructure, access to a developed modern IT infrastructure creates a unique opportunity to acquire highly in-demand practical skills, - adds Alexey Shkurkin, the educational program manager and associate professor at the IAMCS. - In particular, people will be able to learn how to set up and maintain a modern IT development infrastructure and develop skills in creating and optimizing complex computing systems based on global and local networks and cloud platforms.

In addition, among the competencies that will be developed by IT specialists of the new generation are the administration of operating environments, computer networks, and distributed application software systems, and advanced competencies in digitalization, creation, and configuration of virtualization and containerization systems.