TSU helps a project for the VR rehabilitation of disabled people


TSU Scientific and Educational Center for Advanced Research in Social and Cognitive Sciences is developing a partnership with the VR GO project team. The goal of the project is to make rehabilitation for people with disabilities accessible and more effective; for this, a program of motor rehabilitation using Virtual Reality technologies is being developed. The TSU side, using methods of working with big data, helps the authors of the project with the search for people who would benefit from this program.

VR GO technology is based on the principle of association of real and virtual movement between a person and their digital avatar. Using the Oculus Quest VR glasses, the user intuitively understands how to control the avatar's movements. Here is the principle of the ideomotor act: as soon as the idea of ​​movement arises, nerve impulses appear that provide it. This helps to form new neural networks for building human movements. Patients can study both in a medical institution and at home, continuing the rehabilitation course after the end of hospitalization.

A new step in the development of the project was the search for communities of people with disabilities who could be helped by this methodology.

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