TSU scientists will act as editors of the journal Ambio


Three TSU scientists who study climatic changes in biota, ecosystems, and landscapes, and human adaptation to them, will act as editors of a the special issue of the journal Ambio (Q1). The journal is published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, part of the Springer Nature Group. A special issue will be dedicated to Siberia, a macroregion that affects the climate of the entire Earth and is undergoing serious changes due to global warming. The topic of Siberia was proposed by TSU scientists who won the competition announced by Ambio in honor of the 50th anniversary of the journal. More than 90 authors will present the results of their work in the special issue Changes in the Siberian Environment.

- Siberia is a repository of a huge amount of minerals. This area is distinguished by unique forests, soil, and biodiversity, - says Terry Callaghan, professor at TSU and University of Sheffield, Ambio guest editor. At the same time, Siberia acts as a litmus test - changes in the environment quickly and manifest themselves here, which will largely determine the future of the planet for the next tens and hundreds of years. Humanity, which strives for sustainable development, to solve problems related to food security, biodiversity conservation, and others, needs to study the natural processes taking place in Siberia. This will help to understand many natural phenomena in other parts of the planet.

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